Open Competition Results

CHEVIN GOLF WEEK Bill Steel Memorial 15/08/20

Best GrossBest Nett
1st, Wayne Mayo 72 - Kedleston ParkMike Atkin 43 - Branston
2nd, Josh Dremza 73Mick McGrath 40 - Branston
3rd, Colin Rhodes 74John Brocklehurst 39
4th, Paul Tatlow 74- Kedleston ParkIan Shand 39
5th Paul Longden 75 - Buxton HPMelvyn Crabtree 39
6thPeter Hays 38
7thNick Hamblin 38 - Ashbourne

Please contact the Pro Shop regarding your prizes 01332 841864 ext 2

Chevin Trophies Mixed greensome 16.8.20

PositionPairingScoreHome Club
1stEmma & Spencer Sheffield45Glen Gorse
2ndDi & Jeff Rickers45Chevin
3rdSue & Nigel Cullen42Chevin
Best VisitorChristine & Paul Miller43Forest Hill

Tuesday Ladies Invitation to Men 18.8.20

1st, H Polglass/J Polglass/S Riley/M Riley84Chevin/Hallamshire
2nd, P Brown/A Charnley/D Riley/J Charnley-Brown83City of Wakefield/Barnsley
3rd, J Reynolds/A Thomas/T Reynolds/J Thomas82Chevin

Wednesday 19/08/20 Texas Scramble

1st George Murfin, Nick Archer,Andy Petrie, James Bowers55.7Chevin
2nd Colin Rhodes, Mike Annable, Peter Burgess, Peter Holdcroft56Chevin
3rd Leigh Gregory,Martin Brook,Peter Crawford,David Cyster56.3Chevin
4th Steve Butt,Mark Buckley,Peter Hays, John Thurman57.6Chevin/ Ormond Fields
5th Steven Crawshaw, Paul Mountney, John Clifton, Stuart Barr58.9Lichfield G &CC
Best Seniors Phil Ablot, Mike Pollard, Keith Beighton, Carl Williams60.3Chevin
Best Ladies Sue Smith, Lynne James, Marion Carnell, Dawn Gray59.8Chevin

Thursday Ladies Team of 3 Am-Am 20.8.20

1st, A Colwell, S Maxwell, G Lockwood79Chevin/Ashbourne
2nd, C Bull, M Cater, L Riley78Mickleover/Derby
3rd, L Drummond, N Davis, J Grayburn71 back 9Chevin/Mickleover

Open AM-AM Medal 21.8.20

1st, G Nash, D Waldron, D Hardman, J Webber121Chevin
2nd, JR Rhodes, B Rhodes, S Lawson, J Lawson124Chesterfield
3rd, N Shinebaum, R Wells, J Hoggarth, A Wells125
4th, K Shipley, J Curzon, C Wheatley, C Scothern125Chevin
5th, N Presswood, G Alfree, N Brierley, R Griffiths126Bondhay
6th, G Biggs, D Alton, T Parkinson, R Haynes127Chevin
7th, S Hodgson, C Nichols, A Laven, S Rumley129Chevin
Nearest the Pin 4th Warren BrownShirland
Nearest the 18th Pin in 3 Andy Maxwell

Chevin Invitation Day Sunday 13th September 2020

We had 70 teams participating in this years invitation. Thank you all for your support.
Our Prize winners (ProShop Vouchers) were:
1st - M Benson, B Leatherland - 47 pts -
2nd - P Rothera, D Rothera - 46pts (25 back 9) -
3rd - T Wheeldon, G Weatles - 46pts (23) -
4th - Simcox, M Simcox - 45pts (8 back 3) -
5th - S Butt, J Thurman - 45pts (7 back 3) - -

Best MIxed team - D Cyster, P Mcgivern - 40pts -

Nearest Pin (4th) D Waldron, (14th) J Rawling -

The following had 2s - ea paying £5
M Drapper, N Moon, J Burn, D Waldron, T Weeldon (2), N Robson, J Russell, J Rawling, M Espag, I Barratt, R Smith, J Radford, M Benson, B Leatherland, D Stone, P Akers, C Bestwick, L Mart (2), D Cyster, D Dawson, P Tatlow, J Stewart, B Small,

Seniors Open 14.9.20

1st, D Waldron & N BrooksChevin45
2nd, N Moon & J HammertonChevin44
3rd, I Lindley & S HyattRetford43 (back 6)
4th, A Smith & J StoneChevin43
5th P Coxon & G LatterCosby42 (back 9)
Nearest the pin in 3 - 18th - A StaceyCosby

Ladies Invitation Day 15.9.20

1st, H Polglass, M Riley, B Biggs, N Taylor 98pts
2nd, L Watson, L Riley, D Deakin, T Lea 93pts
3rd, S Maxwell, G Lockwood, A Colwell, J Ackling 87pts
4th, V Nix, H Wass, S Smith, A Moulds 83pts
5th, M Corkin, L Hopwell, L James, C Parker 82pts
6th, J Gellatly, J Avey, J Thomas, D Gillatt 80pts
7th, L Rumley, K Butcher, J Cooper, H Tann 79pts
8th, S Cullen, M Edwards, K Ashton, C Jones 77pts

Open AM-AM 4th October 2020

1st, R Fleming, A Whiting, I Roberts, D Abraham90Beeston/Erewash
2nd, R Davis, S Taylor,B Forster, R Mason88Wollaton/Erewash
3rd, N Murray, D Clarke, P Yates, A Ward88Various
4th, N Dymond, D Feenan, S Mathias, J Boylan87Various
5th, C Pennington, A Lenton, J Grundy, K Sherlock86Breadsall/Forest Hills
6th, P Johnson, W Mills, M Shea, M Andrews85Leek/Birchall
NTP 4th, P PaddenAshbourne
NTP 14th M KalisBreadsall
NTP 18th H ColbourneAston Wood

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